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The Value of Engineering Excellence - A Story of cultural Change

Business Agility requires effective leadership, organizational adaptability, product innovation and delivery agility. Companies must support fast, organization-wide learning through high-quality deliveries. A successful delivery organization requires efficient and lean development, the ability to react immediately to feedback. For this, a mindset shift and cultural change is required to adapt this throughout the whole organization. Living and appreciation of the value of engineering excellence is essential. Find out how we as leaders can enable this and accelerate a mindset shift in the right direction.


Mazda Hewitt

Mazda Hewitt Mazda Hewitt Firma

Mazda has been working at UBS since 1999. He started in the FX Quantitative Trading Group in a team that made option models for proprietary trading. Since then, he has worked from the front to the back office, through product design and development, architecture and large scale project delivery in Operations IT. Mazda is one of the three UBS Technology Fellows and is currently building out the virtual asset custody platform.

Murat Erdogan

Murat Erdogan Murat Erdogan Firma

Murat is an Agile Coach with over ten years’ experience in the area of software delivery. He started his career as an engineer and developed a passion for coaching and transformations. During his career he gained practical experience and developed a deeper understanding for both IT and Business related roles. He uses these insights to transform organizations into highly effective systems, living the Agile principles and values.