Zur Partnerkonferenz Business Agility Day
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Measuring agility: Data analytics from psych to grow you

How do you know if you’re really agile? Like predicting the weather, complex human systems need data analytics and statistical models over simple reporting, to understand what creates business agility from human behaviour. This is the world of psychology, statistics, human behaviour models. It’s how medicine predicts if you have factors that predict heart attacks or if children are likely to have developmental delay. It’s time to apply this to agile behaviour, and growing enterprise agility and culture.
This talk looks at the psychology of human behaviour and data analytics to provide a playbook for measuring and improving business agility. It looks at 10 years of longitudinal data, both from software and non-software agile teams, and large scale agile transformation initiatives, and the model that’s now been produced to help coaches and the enterprise become more agile.


Matthew Hodgson

Matthew Hodgson Matthew Hodgson Firma

Matthew Hodgson is the CEO of Zen Ex Machina (ZXM). An organisation dedicated to improving people’s working lives through contemporary ways of working.
Matthew has been coaching agile transformations using the science of psychology for two decades: from executives and leadership to help scale agile across portfolios, programs and teams. He’s highly regarded amongst his clients and peers for the unique approach he has brought to the industry focussing on scale using social psychology, change and culture.
Matthew became as Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) in 2019 and is working his way toward his Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) accreditation.

Mia Horrigan

Mia Horrigan Mia Horrigan Firma

Mia is a Co-Founder and Partner in Zen Ex Machina. She is an experienced Enterprise Agile Coach, Product manager and Senior Program Manager with over 15 years senior executive coaching experience leading and implementing large scale digital transformations. Mia has been working with agile teams for over 15 years and has been successful in delivering business outcomes through implementation of Agile/Scrum at team and enterprise level. Mia is also a certified Professional Scrum Trainer and enjoys coaching and mentoring people starting out on their agile or tech start up journey.