Zur Partnerkonferenz Business Agility Day

Dr. Thomas Memmel


At Zühlke, Thomas Memmel is responsible for the financial services and enterprise clients in Germany and Switzerland. For years, he has been driving the consequent alignment of the organizational model with market and customer needs, thus also initiating the change to an agile organization. He published his first article on agile practices in 2004.
Thomas Memmel has been with Zühlke since 2009 and has been a member of the executive board since 2014.
Talk: The Zühlke Grid – Value Stream Organisation Based on the Helix Model
Why we changed our organization and what we have learned in the first 6 months.As an innovation service provider, we advise our clients on the path of their digital and agile transformation. It was time to rethink our own organizational model as well and to redesign it based on agile principles and value stream considerations. Important drivers for this were, for example, the desire for more alignment with the market and clients, more empowerment and genuine assumption of responsibility by all employees, the abolition of purely internal management functions, role-based thinking, and finally a strong simplification of organization and processes.In the new setup, we have established value streams (WHAT) along the main industries in which we are active. The second component of the model is the practices in which we have organized our capabilities (HOW). In line with the Helix model, we are simultaneously changing our understanding of leadership.In the presentation, we report on the motivations for the organizational change and introduce the new model, which we call the «Zühlke Grid».From the first half year in the Helix model, we will share good and bad experiences. We present which goals we have achieved with the new setup and which we have not. In addition, we address which further steps we plan to take in the next 6-12 months. At the same time, we give insight into accompanying measures in the change and the importance of speed in the execution of each step.