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April 4, 2018 

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April 20, 2018

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October 24, 2018

Agile Leadership Day

Core topics

Agile Organization & Structure

Interaction of agile hybrid forms of organizations and classic line structures


Value Streams


Various organizational schemes: Pro’s and Con’s


Beyond Budgeting


Agile Strategy


Liquid Organization


Business IT: joint transformation experiences at scale


Agility in a strictly regulated environment

Agile Leadership



Lead the Change


Decentralize Decision-Making


Holacracy: Self-Management practice for organizations


Overcoming agile myths


Mindfulness and Co


Stakeholder Management


Character traits and practices of an agile Leader

Functional Agility

Transformation experiences with LeSS, SAFe, etc.


Agile Budgeting, product-focused budgeting


Increase in productivity


DevOps and CI/CD


Change and Transformation stories


Toolchains: overview of the “best practices” in an agile environment


Agile Architecture


Agile Development methods in scattered teams

Human factors in an agile

Handling the increased transparency


Chances and Fears


Agile Culture and Mindset


Agile career management


People Development


Impact on wage plan and job profile


Team-performance-measurement and -increase


Traditional roles in an agile organization

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